Painting Jam

In such a dynamic city as Hong Kong, the pace of life is fast and there is always a need to rest and relax. Musé garden allows you to extend your creativity through painting whilst listening to soothing music, by incorporating coffee as a whole therapeutic experience. Musé is also a social painting space that provides an intimate setting for coffee and art lovers to unwind at.

A Painting Jam 自助畫室

3 hrs painting jam
20x30cm, 30x40cm canvas
paints, tools and apron

B Fee 收費


C Upgrading 升級

(40x50 cm canvas)
(bag jam)
(for every extra hour)
(one drinks)
(for any 2 drinks)

D Environment 環境 Enjoy your Painting Jam in Musé relaxing and cozy environment.
Inquiries and reservations: (852) 2786 3999 /